Beach House
Melbourne, Australia (2013-14)
Residential extension to original fisherman’s cottage.

Matthew worked on this project as an assistant to the project architect from the initial concept design through to completion. He attended the initial site visit and surveyed the existing conditions. Matthew assisted the architect with design development and translated the hand drawn designs to CAD and prepared the planning package. Matthew developed these drawings into a tender package and the subsequent construction package. Matthew attended client and site meetings during the design and tender processes. The project architect went travelling abroad for 2 months after the tender was complete and Matthew was handed the responsibility of managing the project in his absence. During this time, Matthew prepared and submitted drawings for endorsement from the council and obtained a heritage permit after a site visit with the council heritage advisor. He also obtained a building permit, which required him to work with several consultants including structural engineers, building surveyors and thermal engineers. Matthew prepared the works contract between the client and the contractor. This involved handling negotiations over cost and construction timelines as well as holding a meeting to explain the process to the client. After the project architect returned, Matthew attended site meetings during construction and prepared 3D visualisations for marketing purposes.